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Zenith Medical SA company was founded having as vision constitutes innovators medical company with modern philosophy and approach in the needs of market. Through continuing education, her completely worked out executives, have as aim to offer the better benefits to their customers, with direct correspondence and support, offering thus the better possible result

Her executives Mr Therianos Dimitrios, Mr Kamel Georgios and Mr Chatzis Dimitrios, having multiannual experience in the space of cardiology and more specifically the electrophysiology, founded in the dues of 2008 the company Zenith Medical SA. At the beginnings of 2009 signed contract of representation with the company Ablation Frontiers Inc. /Medtronic, offering a new treatment in the ablation of atrial fibrillation. In 2009 the company imported in Greece the special trannseptal guidewire Safe Sept from the Pressure Products company and stearable single use sets and clothing disposable from the Bastos Viegas company. In 2010 the company extending the collaboration with Medtronic company, undertook the representation of all materials of electrophysiology and ablation of arrhythmias of Medtronic.